Android Q might give carriers stricter ways to lock phones

Android Q might give carriers stricter ways to lock phones.

Android Q might give carriers stricter ways to lock phones: We probably will not be fully detailed about the Android Q for a few months, although a leak from last week can provide an idea of what we can expect, including system-wide dark mode and better security options. 9 5 Google has discovered a new code in Android’s Jirate Source Code Management, which can bring some unpleasant changes as wide-open carrier controls on locking devices on specific SIM cards.

“More SIM restrictions may be coming”

The first changes make more control over SIM cards on a SIM card and do not work with a specific device, which lists the “allowed” and “excluded” carriers, which can be used to block content such as MVNO – even on devices that are networked Using major carrier support

Other changes will make more restrictions on dual-SIM devices that add limitations to carriers that will not effectively inhibit the second slot unless a valid SIM card of the approved car is in the first slot. Carrier controls even more on how customers use their devices.

It’s still the primary day, however. The Android question has not been announced yet, even if it leaves the ship and even if these options make it to the final version of Android, the carrier will still have to enable them. That is not considered even this issue that unlocks phones would probably not be affected. But for customers who buy phones through carriers, new limitations may be considered for a while the first Q phones start somewhere between this fall.

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